Monday, 1 March 2010

Previous Site Layouts

Previous Layouts

Version 1.0 - Avril Lavigne

I like this layout, it's nice and pink! lol
This was an effect I wanted to try for a while, and this was the perfect excuse!

Version 2.0 - Shakira

I love the gold colours on this layout - and the main picture is just beautiful! :)

Version 3.0 - Pete Sampras

This is made from pictures that I took myself at Wimbledon 1997.
I'm most pleased with the scoreboard - matching the font, colour and
perspective was tough, but I think it looks pretty good! :)

Version 4.0 - Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

I'd just bought an XBox 360 and finished Tomb Raider Legend when
I made this layout, and I love how it turned out!

Version 5.0 - Franz Ferdinand

I'd just seen Franz Ferdinand's set at the Reading festival 2006
and it was so good I had to make a layout!

Version 6.0 - Karima Adebibe

This is Karima Adebibe, the latest Tomb Raider model.
I love this set of pics, so it was time for a new layout!

Version 7.0 - Christina Aguilera

I was in a bit of a pink mood, and this is the result!
I'd also just learnt CSS code, so it made for a new style.
I really love the different shades of pink - very girly!

Version 8.0 - Hayden Christensen

I just loved these pics and I wanted a slightly more manly layout than before! :)

Version 9.0 - Bond

I'd just seen Casino Royale and loved it, so here's the layout to match! :)

Version 10.0 - Christmas

Well, it was Christmas so I had to make a nice wintery layout! :)

Version 11.0 - Rocky Balboa

I was so excited that the new Rocky film had come out in America!

Version 12.0 - JoJo

I was listening to a lot of JoJo and I wanted to try my wet brushes out! :)

Version 13.0 - None!

OK, so I'm superstitious!

Version 14.0 - Butterflies & Bullets

I was in a Resident Evil mood and this Ada render is one of my favourite RE shots.

Version 15.0 - Infernal

Lina Rafn from my favourite dance band - Infernal

Version 16.0 - Painkiller Jane

Kristanna Loken - the best reason to watch the show! :)

Version 17.0 - Aly & AJ

My favourite American singing sisters from their Potential Breakup Song shoot :)

Version 18.0 - High School Musical

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens from my film of 2007, High School Musical 2.

Version 19.0 - Marilyn Monroe

A gorgeous classy Marilyn layout :)

Version 20.0 - The Bill

An overly copper-y tribute to one of my favourite shows! :)

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