Monday, 1 March 2010

Animated Avatars

Animated Avatars

Old school game avatars taken from our Spectrum emulator, edited and animated:
the intro to Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Dizzy from Magicland Dizzy,
and celebrations from Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

X-rated action from 8 Mile, with Brittany Murphy and Eminem ;)

Myleene Klass taking a shower in the jungle.

Matt Willis stuck in the jungle in 2006.

Arnie being harassed by a reindeer in Jingle All The Way :)

JoJo (Catherine Ayers) gets bent over a desk in Cowbois Ac Injans :)

Cez (Mared Swain) and Manny (Geraint Todd) in series two of Cowbois Ac Injans.

Cristiano bashing his bongos :)

Daniela Denby-Ashe making an entrance in My Family.

Katee Sackhoff in Bionic Woman - smoking and sucking on a beer! ;)

Corey Taylor hot, sweaty and half naked from Stone Sour's Made Of Scars video. Phwoar! ;)

Hayley Williams from Paramore's Emergency video, looking adorable! :)

Snow White from Rammstein's Sonne music video.

Cristiano Ronaldo hot and sweaty after a match! ;)

The final shot from Infernal's Self Control music video.

Jennifer Aniston in Friends

Fergie's Fergalicious vid

A Mischa Barton avatar made for a ABC (Avatar & Banner Combo) challenge

Rihanna's SOS video - great song, great video, and it made a nice avatar too!

This is my first Animation Shop avatar, taken from Avenged Sevenfold's
Beast and the Harlot video.The first time I saw this video I thought
it was begging to be turned into an animation!

The many faces of Ralf Schumacher!
A funny first avatar, and then a second to prove he does smile!

This was my first attempt at an animated avatar, made in Photoshop and Image Ready,
made for a cartoon themed challenge. I caught the animating bug then though!


Ralf Schumacher - a mix of blends made in Photoshop, with a nice animated star effect!

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